Matshita+imgburn = :(

Does anyone know of any imgburn hacked firmware that will let me change booktype of a dvd+r to dvd-rom on a matshita reader? thanks in advance:clap:

Matshita drives don’t have anything in the way of modification out here, that I know of. I’m pretty sure there’s not a very easy way to add booktyping.

And if it’s only a reader, not a burner, or if you’re trying to re-booktype a write-once media, you can’t do any booktyping, as it’s part of the burn process on +R media. :wink:

Its a burner, would the herrie’s firmware do it?

Could you provide a link to the firmware you’re referencing, and tell us which Matshita drive you have? :flower: Thats herri’s

i am now trying nero 8, not sure if that will work with no manual booksetting change…


That firmware isn’t for your drive, and searching for your drive doesn’t bring up many results…I don’t think there’s a patched firmware for your drive. :frowning:

Are you sure the drive doesn’t already do it? If Nero doesn’t support it, there’s no chance of getting that Matshita to bitset.

dang, well thanks alot for the help

I don’t know of any Matshita DVD burner that supports bitsetting for DVD+R Single Layer media.

Others have asked the same question before, and nobody here has ever been able to find any firmware that enables bitsetting for Matshita drives.

You will have to use DVD-R if DVD+R with booktype DVD+R doesn’t work for you, or get an external DVD burner which does support bitsetting.

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