I have an ASUS F6Ve notebook (around 2 years old). Device manager shows MATSHITA DVD-RAM UJ870BJ optical drive, system is running Win7 Ultimate 64.

I am unable to read some burned media but not others. There seems to be no distinction between what my drive will and won’t read. It is driving me nuts.

I do however have one specific and repeating issue. Some discs that people burn for me (VCD’s or audio CD’s) always show as blank.

I also have various apps like Alcohol 120%, Imgburn and Daemon Tools Lite installed. Could this affect the physical drive? If so how so?

More important than an answer right now… is knowing what questions to ask and where to begin. How should I diagnose the problem?

Any help, suggestions for a noob gratefully received. :o


see if cleaning the lens does help.


[slaps hand to forehead in disbelief]

Thank you so much for your help… I’m just glad it was something as obvious as this…

a dirty lens WILL cause read and write problems on any writer!