Matshita dvd-ram uj820s not working




i have a toshiba p35-s6292 laptop, the dvd-ram

device is not functioning

there is a yellow caution mark in the device

manager tab

when i click on properties i get the following

A driver (service) for this device has been

disabled. An alternate driver may be providing

this functionality. (Code 32)

i dissabled and re enabled uninstalled re installed the device but it did

not help

it seems to be a registry issue, i just don’t know

how to fix it

hope someone in this forum can help with this

running windows xp sp2



Wow - have you posted this on every techno site possible? Google you’re message subject and you’ll find plenty of discussion on this topic.

These drives are rather notorious, not just in Toshibas. Mine went on the fritz when I installed ITunes, if I remember right. Basically, I think you want to uninstall everything that access this drive, download and reinstall the driver from Toshiba, then only install the actual software you’ll use with the drive. Took me forever to get my drive back, but I had the same problem, uninstalled ITunes, uninstalled Roxio, a couple others, reinstalled both SP2 and the driver, then reinstalled ITunes and it was fine…


Welcome to the forum, yavben :slight_smile:

Try deleting your upper/lower filters, as described on this MS support page.

Make sure you backup your Windows registry beforehand, or set a System Restore point. If you’re wary about manually editing the registry, there is a Guided Help on the same page to help you.

Good luck! :slight_smile:


tx arachne

your suggestion did the trick got the drive back and functioning