Matshita DVD-Ram UJ-842S

my Dvd ram no longer wants to burn DVD+R dvds. it is a Matshita DVD-Ram UJ-842S

How’s it going down in Brownsville? Only 100° or so out in W. Texas. Welcome to the forums by the way. :slight_smile:

First thing you need to do with your burner problem is look and see if there is any indication of problems in Device Manager. Look for a yellow ! mark next to the drive or the IDE controller.

Next, you can check DMA status of the drive. Look in my signature for Womble’s guide to DMA. The most important part to look for is Current Transfer Status. It should be Ultra DMA 2 I believe.

Unfortunately, Matshita drives are some of the worst notebook drives made. You can try updating the firmware of the drive. Check at the laptop manufacturer site to find the latest firmware.

Have you switched the type of +R disks that you have been using? We recommend Verbatim usually, or Taiyo Yuden (found only online in the US) though Sony disks can often work as a substitute if you can’t find the first two.

[QUOTE=Kerry56;2298390]Unfortunately, Matshita drives are some of the worst notebook drives made.[/QUOTE]

Yup. Mat[B]shit[/B]a… never a more aptly named drive. It’s a shame 'coz the rest of my Toshiba laptop is spot on…

My advice is spend a few squids (or $) on a shiny new external drive, and put that smile back on your face :iagree:



Hi Kerry. yes we are hitting high 90s just about every day now ,but the humidity makes it feel alot hotter. anyways according to my computer its working fine. it can only burn dvd-r at the moment. the transfer status is at Ultra DMA 5.

I think you must have found your hard drive. Optical drives show up as Ultra DMA 4 or 2.

If it is still burning -R dvds, then it sounds like something within the blasted drive itself. An external drive might be the easiest solution, as midders pointed out.