Matshita dvd-ram uj-842s doesn't read/burn after i "safely removed hardware"

i use roxio & ever since i accidently “safely remove hardware” (b/c i clicked the dvd-ram instead of my usb memory key) i haven’t been able to read/burn DVD’s

any insight?


Hi and Welcome!

I suppose, your drive is an external one.
If you “removed hardware”, then the device (no matter if some USB stick or a drive) is no longer accessible to your operating system unless you dis- and reconnect it.
This is absolutely normal.
So you’ll have to pull the plug and reconnect the drive after such an accidential click. Maybe you have to restart your CD/DVD burning software, too.


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You will have to unplug your Matshita drive from your notebook and plug it in again. Depending on your notebook, you may have to turn it upside down and find one or two latches to unlock in order to unplug the drive.

The Matshita DVD-RAM UJ-842S is an internal notebook drive.

unfortunately, it’s internal & it looks like i have to UNSCREW it to get it out (which i’ve never done before).

however, i forgot to mention that when i mouse over the “safely remove” icon, the masthita dvd-ram is STILL THERE (since i “safely removed” it)…

would i STILL need to disassemble my laptop, take out the dvd-ram & shove it back in?

thanks so much!
i appreciate the help :slight_smile:

btw, thanks for the “welcome” :cool:

You could try opening Device Manager and ask it to [I]Scan for hardware changes[/I].

It didn’t work when I tried it with my own removable Matshita UJ-840S after “Safely Removing” it, however.

Does the drive still appear in Explorer and/or in Device Manager?

yeap, it’s still under my dvd/cd-rom drives…
should i try to UPDATE driver?

I don’t see how updating the driver should help as all CD/DVD drives use the same driver in Windows XP anyway.

What ahppens if you insert a CD or DVD into the drive? Does Explorer show you that there’s a disc in the drive? Can you see what’s on the disc?

it reads the CD, but not DVD’s :frowning:

a quick update.
i d/l-ed & setup up an updated driver to no avail:

so i WILL (soon, sometime this week) “dissasemble” my laptop & take out the dvd-ram & put it back in :sad:

i tried unscrewing all the screws on the underside of my laptop, but i couldn’t delicately take the DVD-RAM out. so i just screwed everything back together.

i’m not about to destroy my laptop during my last 2 week of exams.

any other suggestions for the time being? should i uninstall the whole thing & try to reinstall???

your drive is plugged in corrently, no reason to un-screw anything.

what explain what you mean does not read DVD, what kind of DVD


when i put in DVD-R’s that i burnt (w/ data, music, or video files), it just keeps turning. it doesn’t register that there’s a disc in there… and it “freezes”. also it doesn’t let me open DVD movies or applications

i uninstalled & restarted the computer…so it installed itself…
it reads DVD-videos (e.g. store bought ones) but it still won’t read my DVD+R full of data…
it “freezes” as i said b4… =(

i got a toshiba satellite pro u 200 laptop with Matshita UJ-842S DVD RAM drive ,on win xp , i tried to insert a Blank ATI DVD-R empty disc so i back up some data .

the dvd drive fails to read the disc . do you think i need a firmware update ? or i need to change Media discs ?

i found a firmware update on a site ( ) but its for sony not for toshiba so im not risking it .

any suggestions ?

i just brought my notebook into the service store & got the drive changed…TWICE…cuz the model sucks…

but it’s fine now!

I have the same problem. The unit was working fine and now after a year it wont burn dvd’s. It will burn re-writtables and cd’s but wont recognise dvd+ or dvd- when before it was happy with either.
I don’t want to have to buy a new one so if anyone has any answers would be really grateful. I’m not a huge techie but can follow instructions.
Cheers if you can help.

i was wondering if youcould help me,
i dont really understand what i need to do,
i accidentaly safely removed the matshita device, thig.
and my dvd ram drive doesnt open at all. it doesnt even show a light or anything. so i dont know what to do. can you please help me
thank you.