Matshita dvd ram uj 841s




I have a Satellite Pro Toshiba notebook purchased Nov 06 - the driver matshita dvd ram uj 841s is not working

Also when I try to save stuff to external usb stick - says the stick needs formatting - (FAT32 issue?) - when I try to format message says - windows will not format

Any advice would be great

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are there any errors indicated in device manager?

The problems with your optical drive and with USB storage devices are an indication for a totally messed up Windows installation.

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Hi Michael

I defragged my disc - USB stick now working - but still a problem with matshita - has been for many months now - I think I need to flatten everything and start again - any suggestions?

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If it is a Windows problem, you probably have a restore partition that will allow you put the system back into the original condition from the factory.

Tell us the exact model, and we should be able to find the manual for the laptop online and help with the process.

Matshita drives are not well regarded, and seem to cause more problems than any other type of laptop optical drive. Are you using Win 7 in this machine? Or Vista?


Hi Kerry

It is a 2006 Toshiba Satellite Pro A120 Intel Centrino Duo - I recently replied to mihcael and said that I think it is about time that I stripped it down and defaulted to factory settings - do you agree?

I use XP 2000 - don’t like vista and not sure of 7 - use Firefox and Thunderbird - stopped using ms windows explorer and outlook several years ago

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Well, if you are using XP (not Windows 2000), you can try the fix from Microsoft. Look in my signature for a link that says How to Delete Your Upper and Lower Filters. Click on that and it will take you to an article from MS, where you should click on the Fix It button to start the process. May not help, but won’t hurt to try.

A fresh install will probably help if this is a software problem. If the drive itself has physical problems, then no, it won’t help.


I defragged my disc - USB stick now working - [/quote]Interesting :confused:

but still a problem with matshita
Could you please explain more detailled?
The easiest way to (partially) sort out if there is a problem with the hardware or with the operating system, is to start the computer with a bootable CD inserted. Something like a Live Linux disc or “Ultimate Boot CD” would be ideal, you can also try a Windows install disc (if you have any).

Thanks - hope you had a great Christ
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