Matshita DVD-RAM uj-841s



I am so sorry but i have no idea where to post this… there boards for samsung, sony, etcetc… but i couldn;t pind one for Matshita…

I REALLY need to know what brand name media and type is compatiable for Matshita DVD-RAM uj-841s!!!

I just wasted something close to $25! i know it is a big noob question… but I would be greatful for anyone’s help!!!


I was wondering… would the DVD Media Brands that are compatiable with panasonic DVD burners compatiable with Matshita DVD-RAM uj-841s?


I would say the Lite On or LG. I myself Have Lite On and my friend has LG and I have to say that I like them both. They are still cheap but great quality. Don’t just rely on one opinion to make your decision. Do some research yourself. Talk to some people that have these other brands of burners and see what they say.


no … what i meant was what blank DVD brand name should i use for Matshita DVD-RAM uj-841s… such as memorex, sony, and such


Try Ritek and burn at 4x as those inferior drives won’t have much sucess at higher speed.