Matshita dvd ram uj 831s unable to burn cds

i have a toshiba laptop its about 8 months old the burning software i got with it is sonic DLA
a while ago i was getting a message saying something about the RAMASST.exe not being compatible with something else (sorry im not sure what it was) and one of them could not function while the other one was. but it has worked fine since then.
and just recently i was trying to burn a music cd on Windows media player and it would start but couldnt finish and was suggesting the disk was dirty but i have tried numerous disks. so i tried on sonic but the same thing was happening. so i tried to “open a writable cd folder using windows explorer” and i got the message “D:\ is not accessible Incorrect function.” since then i have uninstalled sonic but now i get the same message as soon as i insert a blank cd.

i have no problem burning dvds

thanks for your help

Uninstall Alcohol and Virtual Drives.

alcohol? as in that program, i don’t have have that. i dont have any virtual drives either

ok after hours and hours of searching i found this:

  1. Go to the Start Menu, then click on Run…

  2. Type in “regedit” and hit the Enter key or click the OK button.

  3. Once the Registry Editor is up, navigate through the folders at the left (by clicking the “+” signs) until you get down to this location: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\Explorer

  4. Click on that Explorer folder/key. In the right side of the registry editor you should have an entry/value called NoCDBurning. Double-click that name.

  5. In the window that opens you will see a place for “Value data.” A 1 here enables NoCDBurning, meaning you will have NO CD burning. This will definitely stop you from being able to use your CD-RW drive to write. So if you have a 1 here (as I did) then this may be your problem. Replace the 1 with a 0 to disable NoCDBurning, thereby enabling CD Burning. (Sheesh! Did Microsoft really have to go about this backwards?) Click on OK.

  6. Close the Registry Editor and Restart your computer

i have done this and i now have the recording tab in the properties of the drive
but now when i try to burn a data or a music cd it starts burning fine but aborts a couple of minutes later

You may try burning slower or by using other cd media.

i have tried burning at 2x and it appears to work fine but when i put the cd back in its still blank. then i tried it on different media and got the same results


The cd cannot be blank if you have burned something onto it.

[B]Burn with verify and you’ll see it.[/B]