Matshita dvd-ram uj-820s anydvd problems



I’m having problems with anydvd with my matshita dvd drive. Sometimes the region decrypter functions and sometimes it doesn’t. It sometimes asks me to change the region. Is there a solution to this?


No. Please read this thread:


Matsushita is a tricky drive. Before using AnyDVD, you have to set the region for the drive.

Problem may occur, if you want to use AnyDVD with a DVD that has a region code different from the region code set for your drive.

It means Matsushita is a drive that can not function fully in this respect with AnyDVD. All other features work.


So basically if I lock my region to 1, I can only watch region 1 dvds
? And why is it that, some dvds region1,2 work fine without Windvd asking me to change regions? I’ve only had problems with about 2 dvds (Kill Bill1 region 2).ex.


I hate to repeat myself… Carefully read this:
Probably the discs that worked didn’t have CSS protection.