Matshita dvd-ram UJ-811 problem fixed

i am using a p15-s409 toshiba laptop. it is an average laptop. why? a good processor but weak memory and video card. poor thing. same with the dvd hardware…does not read or write dvd+r/w…that is the reason why i am posting this thread is to help other guys out there…my dvd hardware started acting strange lately. it reads cd but does not read dvd. i started looking for a replacement hardware. then one day, i decided to tinker with the dvd player. i searched if maybe its the driver or the lens. but the poor thing still sends out a warning sign…“device i/o error” what the…? i almost purchased a new one when i decided to clean the port connection.i disassembled the dvd hardware from my laptop…used a fine sandpaper 1000 grit, just do 2-3 pass to clen the gold plated connectors…and voila! my laptop recognizes the dvd hardware…i was able to play, burn and decrypt dvd’s…yahoo…that was great…i saved 350 dollars. a good advice…just don’t overdo the use of sandpaper…ok!

title typo correction… its a Matshita DVD-RAM UJ-811 dvd hardware…

Hi! i use this tips and work fine for me too :bow: :clap:

Are the gold plate connectors your speaking of the 24 tiny little pins on the back of the dvd drive? I have the uj-811b in a Toshiba p15-s409. Is there a external drive that would be better than this one?

I too am having problems with a Matshita dvd-rw UJ-811 drive on a toshiba P15-S409 laptop. It can read DVD’s but not CD’s either it be music or software CD’s. I would like to to try cleaning the connectors. How do you disconnect the drive from the laptop?

hi there which part do i have clean , do i have to remove the plastic cover then do it , or just take out the dvd drive just clean it with out removing the original cover,

please advice



I own a Toshiba laptop P25 S609 and also had problems with my Matshita dvd-ram UJ-811 module. It read all CD’s alright but not always, it read original DVD films but never DVD-RW’s and I only realised the problem when I was trying to record to DVD-RW’s. I was actually prepared to upgrade to the dvd-ram UJ-811B when I read ‘New Yorkers’ comments. You do not need to dismantle the actual DVD drive all you have to do is remove the drive and go over the port terminals with fine sandpaper as these things probably build up oxidation on the contact surfaces with time. You must restart the machine afterwards and then suddenly you realise all discs can now be read with no more intermittent read/write behaviour. Thank you New Yorker, you’re a genius!!

I own a Hewlett Packard k5285 notebook with a uj-811 and i was seriously considering binning it as it doesn’t work and getting something that could do what it was actually meant to do ie read,write and rewrite cd’s dvd’s etc.I logged onto this site to see what you guys thought about the uj-811 and was really shocked to see that virtually everybody that had one has had issues with it.I read “new yorkers” comments and advice and being a bit techy i took it apart and cleaned up the contacts and guess what ??.. IT WORKS !!!
Thanks “new yorker” you have made an old man very happy and can continue to back up my pc and burn discs.

Hi I’ve also got problems with the B version of this drive, I’ll test what you say but in case it doesn’t work can anyone tell me what drive I could replace it with that is compatible with the slot it has to go in? I dont need it to write dvd rams just DVD+ and - R and preferably at 16x …

Thanks in advance!

DVD burning at 16x with a slimline burner? No way, this will not work in most of all cases.

ok 16x not a problem, I’m just not up to date with what the latest burners are for laptops. I would just like to know how to go about getting a new burner which does not have so many known problems, and which is compatible with my case. How can I tell which burners are compatible or not and also would be greatfull if anyone could tell me where I could buy one (in europe, preferably france, germany or belgum).

well, wonker, you could try the UJ-845 drive.

[U]you’ll have to order online though[/U]. don’t bother looking for a new slimline laptop cd/dvd burner in most electronics stores near your area.

I did try the tips new yorker of cleaning the port connection with the uj-811 drive. got similar problems just like wonker did. now my bro’s laptop can no longer recognize the drive when I connect it. looks like I’ll have to replace the uj-811 drive with either another UJ-811 drive or a newer model. anyway, I was going to replace it since it can longer read cds and dvds properly. could be the internal read mechanism (and even the lens) is failing already.

My problem with the Matshita UJ-811, was that it would not read CD’s, only. The DVD portion was working fine. The slide rails are loose. I squeezed, with a pair of long nose pliers, the rails a bit. When I insert a CD, I support the tray from the bottom and slide it in. To see if this might work for you, insert a good CD, and when you go to slide the tay in, gently push the tray to the left and see if your computer reads the CD. Its cheaper than buying a new drive

i took your advice on the sand paper and it worked perfect, my uj-811b stopped playing dvds. i used 300 grit with one pass and it started working again! Thanks

I have an ACER laptop and I was scratching my head why the Matshita DVD-RAM UJ-811 could play a DVD but wouldn’t recognise a music CD or a CD-ROM. The rails seem to be very loose, but pushing it to the left and squeezing the rails didnt do anything - I dont want to take tools to it just yet.
I was encouraged by the messages above to turn it off, turn it over and open the drawer. I unscrewed five small screws from the silver plate on the back of the drawer and had a look at the insides on the back - there is a tape going to some contacts which I just blew on. I didnt feel adventurous enough to do anything more so I just reassembled it again. Guess what? It now recognises and plays CR-ROMs and music CDs
Thank you CD freaks. If it goes wrong again, I will return to look for detail on cleaning advice. I’m unsure how to do anything more than unscrew the screws and put them back again
Cheers :bow:

I started getting the same device I/O error on my Matshita DVD-RAM UJ-811, was getting ready to buy a replacement when I ran across this forum. I did the sandpaper thing and it worked! Unbelievable! Thanks NewYorker for the tip. By the way, I’m using it in a Tobshiba Satellite P-25. I will never buy another Toshiba laptop again. Hard drive crashed in less than two years, then the ‘A’ key starts going nuts (aaaaaaaaa…) until I hit escape, then the DVD-RAM drive goes kerplooy. I’m ready to take the plunge into VISTA but it won’t be on a Toshiba!!! At least I’ll have a working DVD-RAM drive until I make the switch. Thanks again.

:bow: New York! You are the greatest!

I have already paid once to have dvd fixed by Toshiba… That let’s me know what kind of company they are…

:bow: New York! You are the greatest!

I have already paid once to have dvd fixed by Toshiba… That let’s me know what kind of company they are…

I also am having trouble with my screen. I have a p25 - s607. because the cable connecting the screen to the computer must be freying apart. I have to move my screen up and down until i find a spot that is connecting. It getting worse and worse. I probably have 1 month left. I have had the computer for 6 years. too many problems to buy another Toshiba. It not so painful because I have 3 computers, but if I used this one daily, it would big trouble for me.

I am also having a problem with the CD/DVD drive on my laptop, it,s a satallite A60-106 it has a Matshita UJ811, it can playback audio and dvd, it rips ok but when i come to burn it just wont do it, i want to do the cleaning of the gold connector,s which a lot of the members have done, (ie NewYorker and Co) but i don,t have a clue how to remove the drive the easiest way possable without having to remove the whole base can anyone “HELP” please

Hi in the end I ordered a new drive in the end from as my PC was an Acer.