Matshita DVD-RAM UJ-811 drive stuck in Region 1

I’ve got a Matshita DVD-RAM UJ-811 drive in a Multivision laptop. It reads and copies CDs fine and copies data to DVD-R’s (e.g. for document backup) fine. The problem is that the drive is permanently stuck in Region 1, and I cannot change it to Region 2 where I live, despite still having 1 user change remaining. This means that it will not play Region 2 DVDs at all. I have downloaded the DVD-X player (region free player), but I just get corrupted sound and no image.

I have also tried a couple of other programs such as DVD Region+CSS Free in the hope of allowing me to play any region DVD using Media player and in the hope of being able to back up films etc (using DVD Shrink).

I have looked for a firmware update for the drive but with no luck. I noticed from other posts on this forum that this drive is difficult at best, but I would be grateful for any help at all.

Matshita drives are the WORST choice when it comes to regioncodes…
You can only try it with softwares like DVD43 and VideoLanClient. If they won’t work, then there is no way.