Matshita DVD-RAM UJ-811 can't read

I have a Matshita DVD-RAM UJ-811 in a Toshiba P25-S609 recently bought and I’m having a problem. I can’t read any discs. When I insert a disc and I open the Windows Explorer, a window appears with this message: “D:\ is not accessible. The request could not be performed because of an I/O device error”.
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I have exactly the same problem :confused:

Also: when trying to use the firmware upgrade utility ( 811rh102.exe) I get a ‘drive not connected error’ …

Anyone care to help ? thanks :slight_smile:

I also have the same p25_609s with the same drive after 15 dvd burns the drive started the same problems you are having. After reading log files I came up with the drive head servo is going out it even has problems reading cd’s if not yet yours soon will also. Toshiba would not allow me to send the drive only in for repair so I bought an HP 420N X8 DVD burner and also bought an externial Pen 108 DL burner that is on its way to me now. I am still fussing with Toshiba on this bad choice of drives to prone to heat problems I use my laptop everyday so sending it in is not an option sad note my 3rd Toshiba the other 2 are still working with no problems just the new one.


I have the same DVD burner and have many problems. I can’t burn any CD or DVD anymore…anyone can help?

I am little bit at a loss, having the same DVD-RAM without any problems. Are you sure you did not try to upgrade your drive?

Well, anyway, please use this freeware software for a full system diagnostics and paste the result concerning the drive.

It might also help:

REG patch “Restore Missing CD Drive” (Search keyword “CDGONE”)

I am also having this problem. Can anyone help?

  1. Do you have CloneCD installed? If yes, uninstall. Or any software with a virtual drive?
  2. Please check this:
  3. It is extremely dangerous to flash your drive. You have to pay attention not only to the type of drive (Matshita UJ-811), but the brand the firmware is written for (NEC, Victor, IBM, etc.).

Thanks for taking the time to answer my request.

In fact it was so long ago that I have in the meantime got rid of the drive and laptop and moved on.

However I cant help but notice that you posted the same thing to six differnt threads…are you a matsushita employee, because to be honest providing a link to a so-called support phone number is a joke. Matsushita/panasonic want nothing to do with supporting their products. I rang and emailed them several times and they gave me no help whatsoever. Telling me to ‘refer to my notebook manufacturer’ is all well and good but what if they have gone bust, as was the case with me.

Furthermore, it is clear from my investigations that some of the problems with the uj-811 were not notebook specific, but down to crap design, and I think Panasonic know this. There are mentions all over the web of how the drive fails to write at more than 8x, how it produces crap disks, how it stops working. Also, ever tried to flash the firmware…its impossible because they encrypt it to stop people fixing the problems they cant be bothered to.

These problems arent something to do with my laptop, or even all laptops from one company, these are to do with Panasonic/Matsushita and you can guarantee they want nothing to do with you if you have these problems.

All in all the drive is a piece of crap and I would never buy any laptop with a panasonic drive again on the basis of my experience with it. I suggest you do the same.

I also got the error: “D:\ is not accessible. The request could not be performed because of an I/O device error”.

I have a toshiba p25-609. You can tell if it is software of hardware related by booting your computer from a bootable CD or DVD. Mine wouldn’t boot from anything.

So I sent it back to TOshiba. They replaced the drive. Now it works. For how long is anyone’s guess.

The drives are crap it seems. If you’re under warrantee, send the machine back. They were very quick - took 4 days including transporting to fix it.

Good luck

Hello all…

Well it seems that we all are experiecing the same issue of some sort or another. I have the Toshiba P25 Model S607.

Though my drive can read a DVD Vidio and most CD-ROM software disc’s it will not recogize a Audio CD or any Writeable disc’s… CD-R or DVD-R ect…

What is up with Toshiba and this Matshita UJ-811??? It can not possably be all of us doing something wrong? Can it?

I am just our of warrantee and I have nothing to do but loose. Can anyone assist if they had a solution from someone? Please respond to or call me at 401-294-9839 I really need some help here as I require a need to back up some very important data!!

Thoughts anyone?

Joe from RI

Hello. I am having some serious issues with the drive, however, I need to reinstall the OS. Have you been able to use your external DVD drive to boot up?



Hello all. I thought I would give you all an update on what I did.

I called Toshiba and the good tech guy upgraded me to a second level support case manager. I explained the issue and all the issues that this UJ-811 has had with all the message boards and problems. Even though my unit is out of warantee by 3 months they gave me a “one time courtasey” and sent me a prepaid box and sent the PC in. In less than 2 biz days they sent it back with my data intacked and a new upgraded drive. It is the UJ-811B this time. I called and asked what does the B stand for and it is the modified upgrade from the problematic first drive.

Thought that this may help some of you. Toshiba did good with me!

and it is appriciated.

Joe Antinucci -RI / USA

Just had a problem with my Toshiba laptop 5205-S705 and the UJ-810 drive. Best way for the tech to figure that my laser was dead…was to try to boot into the restoration DVD that came with the machine. The bootup did NOT work and the laser continues to search and search for a drive…little yellow light is on all the time. Drive presumed Dead…have to send in to Toshiba as soon as the pre-paid box arrives. I hope that I have the same luck as you all with returning my entire machine for repair. Not used to this…with Dell…they would send the replacement for the defective part and you sent bad part back…

Oh well…keeping my fingers crossed!



What totally blows me away…is that Toshiba makes DVD-R drives…and has a very good reputation for their drives…yet they use questionable Panasonic drives in their laptops…

Thanx for sharing your experience and information. It is very useful to know.

I have this same drive and have never gotten it to work. I have been on the phone with Toshiba numerous times in the past year. Now my warranty is up and they want me to pay to get it fixed. I get an invalid disc error when trying to burn DVD-r/rw.
It is almost like the drive doesnt recognize that it is a DVD burner.
Any ideas???

I sent in my machine and Toshiba replaced it. Now the new drive is actiing funky. So while it works…I just took my old Sony DRU-500A and put it in a USB 2.0 enclosure and only burn with it. With the ADS enclosure and the fact that the Sony only burns at 4X…I am fine. I only use the Matshita drive to read (and I avoid as much of that as I can). I extended my warrantee when I bought the machine…but frankly…you would spend less going out and purchasing the Mad Dog 16X burner (USB 2.0) and just stop using the drive. Did you see Toshiba’s price for the drive to pay for…close to $300 bucks…and no way it is worth 1/10 that price. You may want to consider an external drive. I mentioned the Mad Dog 16X because it really is the NEC ND-3500A as an external drive…


Sorry I am a little late in posting but I got Toshiba Support to send me a replacement drive to make a long storey short I had to supply a credit card for the drive $678.00 and received the drive next day was told no charge if the drive was returned to them in 15 days but it would take a couple of hours to change if you are a computer tec to change the drives well opened the box removed the new drive removed the drive caddy from removed the drive from the caddy replaced the drive in the caddy replaced the caddy in my P25-609 tested the drive it worked boxed up the dead drive called ups with the pre paid 2nd day air tracking number done in 20 minutes ups picked up the box 2 days later box was delivered to toshiba in ca and no charge on credit card. If you are out of warrenty and have skills the drive can be bought new on e-bay for $149.00 plus shipping and swapped in 30 min or less.
The drive has worked for a month no hitches but I still use my usb 2.0 drive most of the time.
Hope this helps