Matshita Blu Ray & Windows 10 Issue

So I built my HTPC case earlier this year, using Windows 10 Home 64bit, the case manufacturer suggested a particular brand of optical drive, Matshita (Panasonic) BD-MLT UJ256, its a slim, slot loading drive. I’m having an issue getting Windows to actually detect the drive, it appears in the device manager and BIOS, not in the explorer window or by any program. I’ve attempted editing the registry data with no luck. I’ve done the enumdevice solution, I’ve looked for and cant find any Upper/Lower keys, I’ve uninstalled via device manager, updated chipset drivers, uninstalled the atapi drivers, next to throwing this drive out or reinstalling Windows, I’m out of ideas. Sorry for the phone pictures.


I was able to snag a photo before it was removed from the explorer window, this is after a reboot.