Matshita 845D: "Power Calibration Error"... And now What?

Hi, I have the Matshita 845D in my Acer laptop.
Since one week now i cant burn dvds with nero, i am facing “Power Calibration Error” all the time.
This problem had appeared sometimes in the past (from the begining) but now the drive seems to stop working.
The media that i am using is TY DVD+R.
Does anyone have any idea what to do?
RMA is not an option right now…
Does anyone know any program for backing-up the drive’s firmware?

No one can backup this firmware.

Clean the drive.

So you think not to change the firmware…
I dont think that the drive needs cleaning because I am cleaning all the disks before I put them inside… but i will buy a cleaning cd and I will give it a try!

I made to write a DVD-R no name in 2x…
strange things happen here!

Power Collaboration Errors occur usually because one of the following reasons

1:) Bad PSU or burning out PSU (e.g not enough power on the rails)
2:) Incompatible media, requires a firmware update usually to add support
3:) Drive failure, or drive burning out
4:) Using a higher speed than the media is meant for, try lowering your burning speed.
5:) Overheating, can cause problems, make sure the laptop and drive have plenty of ventilation.

Their is also a small chance that software can play its part buts its rare.