Matsashita UJ-820S

Greetings all,

I have a Acer 8003LMi laptop that comes with a Matsashita UJ-820S DVD burner drive.

From what I could gather this drive burns 4X DVD-R and the rest at 2X (except +R/RW which is at 2.4X), but I can’t get it to burn above 2X, no matter which media.

The firmware of the drive is 1.00 and apparently there is no update for it, BUT, I have seen post on foreign sites stating that they have the same drive but with a 1.5 firmware and they are able to burn at 4X.

If there is the same drive with a newer firmware it is bound to exist a firmware update…

Can anyone help on this or has seen another firmware appart from 1.00 which seems really buggy?