Matrix Revolutions CSS Key



I’m having trouble with the CSS Key on the first disc of the Region 1 Matrix Revolutions DVD. Using AnyDVD everytime I try to copy the movie I get a warning that it is CSS Encrypted. When I looked at the CSS Key in AnyDVD the only thing that really looks odd is for the very first key of the movie the only thing it has is a dash.
i.e. 0: Key: -
Then the rest of the Keys show up like they should. Is this some kind of new encryption or is this something similiar to the problem with Once apon a time in mexico?



0: Key - means, that the title set 0 (VIDEO_TS.VOB, the main menu) is not encrypted.
This is very ususal. This is not the “once upon a time…” problem.
Which copy software gives you the encryption error?
Do other DVDs work?


I’m using DVDxCopy, I havn’t had any problems with any other DVD’s. Usually even if it is encrypted you can get around the encryption warning by playing the movie when you first start the copy, But that doesn’t seem to work either. Any ideas?


dvdxcopy had a problem with the Patin-Couffin driver. Version 19 is the problem, either upgrade or downgrade the driver.

You can get v17 of the driver here:

Or you can install Blindwrite or CopytoDVD and probably get v21.