Matrix Revolution: Best Movie Ever!

Am I the only one who thought Matrix Revolution rocked? If you think Matrix Revolution sucked, give me a “hell yeah!” And please explain why you think it sucks.

Educate me.

Best movie? Heh, you obvious haven’t seen many movies. The best Matrix is the original and AniMatrix.

not seen it yet, any1 think i should

Certainly isn’t the best movie ever. I’d rather see The Fifth Element earn that title.

This is the top 250 of all movies.

i dnt fink u can hav a top 250 as its opinion, is it based on revenue or what? :slight_smile:

:stuck_out_tongue: i prefer porno movies, sorry

Not for me. The best movie that I can now remember is ’ The Shawshank Redemption '.

The Matrix rocked. That was an original film. Matrix 2 & 3 arent. They are the usual “we’ve seen it all before” Hollywood FX-films. They tried to get some of the philosophy from the original but it didnt work out. I like that they put an end to the saga but the movie itself is nothing special.

Big budget, big explosions. Little content. Just as Pearl Harbour and Bad Boys 2.


it was good, but the best movie for me is lord of the rings (all three parts)

best movie “the birds” A.H

i need 2 see matrix reloaded

What are you waiting for?

Got to agree with this being the best movie ever…