Matrix +R DL from Shop4Tech

There has been a lot of speculation about these. See this thread:

I got my shipment in today and here are some scans. They are not for the faint hearted.

All burns at 2.4x

  1. Burned with NEC 3550A 1.06
  2. Burner listed on scan
  3. Burner listed on scan
  4. Burned with BenQ DW1640 BSMB
  5. MKM 001 burned on NEC 3550A 1.06 at 8x, scanned today for reference comparision

I think the Playo disks scanned by Zevia look beautiful compared to these. I wouldn’t trust these disks for anything.

Burn #1 actually has a smooth TRT on the BenQ.

OUCH!!! :eek:

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What’s the serial and stampercode for these ??

those disc are pretty bad… they aint worth whatever you paid for them as they obviously are in REAL BAD shape.

p.s. i dont think it’s worth buying dual layer dvd’s … atleast not until the price is NO MORE than 1 dollar per disc MAX… so unless u have to have a dual later disc i would just stick with quality media like taiyo yuden/verbatim etc.

i just got my taiyo yuden 8x dvd-r disks in from a couple days ago… i still gotta find some data to burn to them though and post my results in the forums here.

Alot of it depends on the application. If you happen to be doing videogame console backups (in particular the XBOX360 backups) then D/L discs are an ABSOLUTE MUST!!! I also find that they come in handy for TV series DVDs.