Mathf, when is an update coming?

When is an update for Nero Linux 4 coming? It’s been 7 months since it’s initial release. Don’t you think it’s time? If not, can you at least give us an update on its progress?

BTW, Nero Linux 4 is great. I like it a whole lot better than versions 2 and 3. I especially like Nero Linux Express. It reminds me so much of Nero Express 6 (which I loved) back during my Windows days.


Gee…the silence here is deafening…

[QUOTE=Bobmeister;2519106]Gee…the silence here is deafening…[/QUOTE]

Hey, Bob
I remember reading your posts back during the 2 series…a long time ago. :). I use to post some back then as well.

Yes, it appears mathf doesn’t visit here very often. I’d like to see a little more enthusiasm from the NeroLinux team. It’s a shame…they use to be quite involved back then.


Hey bjgood! I’m still here, using the version and wondering when the update
is coming. I feel the same way, it not being a big “revenue” generator for them, I’m thinking
that they are slackening off. I hope not, I use it nearly every day.

I wonder if Nero has given up on the NeroLinux project?

I JUST TALKED to the support from Nero on their live chat…and they claim that NeroLinux continues to be supported, but still no date on the update. Hope it comes soon!

[QUOTE=Bobmeister;2535157]I JUST TALKED to the support from Nero on their live chat…and they claim that NeroLinux continues to be supported, but still no date on the update. Hope it comes soon![/QUOTE]

Thanks for the update, Bob! Hope it comes soon, as well.

Good to hear from you. You’re a fine fellow.


So…asked them in July…they “officially” support NeroLinux4, but over a year since release and no update (and a known bug for multi-session with the original version)…and…NOTHING…“coming soon” it has said for nearly a year…and NOTHING. My thinking is that Nero gave up on this project. It would be nice if they released the code and let the open source community work on it instead of this. I do like this program, but if it’s dead…it’s dead. They should open source it and leave it to the community.

Or…give us an update and tell us that they are committed.

My 2 cents.

An update would be much appreciated. The program isn’t even working for me with latest Ubuntu.

This is too good an application to just drop or ignore. I love it, but I do have problems on occasion. Just yesterday I tried to make a DVD with video files in Nero Linux Express (64bit) but every time I clicked on Video/Pictures it would crash. Switched to Nero Linux for this task and no problem. Nero needs to keep this project alive and moving forward simply because it’s easily the best burning software out there in Linux la la land.

Come on, Nero, get off your duff.

I agree…I really feel that they are ignoring this application. I hope that they “come back” after all of the hoopla over the Windows 10 version of the big suite…I don’t use Windows anymore…so hey, guys…what about us? Let’s have a bugfix release at least, OK? This has been over a year now. And I think Mathf has been laid off…nothing from “he/she” lately…

I see that betanews has posted that nero has an update coming…version…I don’t see it on Nero’s site yet, but will research…and post here when I see the file available officially from Nero…this is good news…I am hoping that I can delete the copied files to fix that multi-session issue with the original version…I’ll delete the files first…then apply the update…and then test to see if they fixed that bug. It’s about time…

Stay tuned…


OK…update…so they are pushing a new file, from the “trial” part…still no “update” available…but it is a different and newer file…

You cannot rpm -Uvh it as it thinks it’s the same version…so you can uninstall the old version and install this one…in the “about” screen, it still shows up as and it definitely did NOT fix the the multisession issue…so I recopied the files to fix that…so I don’t know what this new “version” (which it isn’t or they would have upped the version number) actually updates…if anything…who knows. Wish Mathf were here…he/she was helpful…but I think that person is long gone…oh well…I’ll keep my fingers crossed that Nero decides to do something with this…but have been very disappointed with their support of this version…