I was wondering if someone on this forum knows where
I could find mathematical algorithm / procedures / functions
to calculate operations like : scrambling,interliving,
deinterlevieng,CIRC,P%Q parity.
I would be really greatfull for anykind of help.

Try Mode2CDMaker (

It’s all in here.

…though I never understood the P and Q bytes calculations… my math knowledge must not be enough…

You should look at cdrdao source code.

Many thanks for your help.Still can I find any information on the internet related to EXE encryption / anti-hacking or anti-cracking??
Many thanks again :cool:

Anti-cracking is futile, but if you really want a
link, check the fravia archive at
(these were good times…).

Is there any way to get drives RPM, for example when playing music CD?