MATH wizs please help



I got a math problem for all of you.

you are given 12 coins and a weight balance (seasaw thing), you need to find out which coin is the bogest on telling weather it is light or heavy. You can only weigh it 3 time to find the answer.

Tankz for your time.


Classic problem. The solution here:


I’m not reading throguh all of that. :stuck_out_tongue:
So the simply answer is…

Number all the coins 1-12 and put them into groups of three.

Weighing 1
Now weigh coins 1-3 against 4-6. If same weight move on to weighing 2 if not move onto weighing 3.

Weighing 2
Weigh coins 7-9 against 10-12. One of these sets of 3 coins will be lighter.

Weighing 3
Now take the three sets of coins that are in the group that are lighter and pick two of them. Weigh them against each other. If there are the same weight then the unweighed coin is the light one.

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0/10 for having failed to understand the question.


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ehh the biggest coin is gonna weigh the most is it is all the same metal you need to be specific


Maybe the biggest coin is hollow :wink:



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