Math/s Genius Wanted - Apply Within



sandy is 0.01 meters shorter then mary.
the combined height of both girls is 3.19 meters.
what is the height of each girl ?


1.59 & 1.60 ?


1.595-.005=1.59 Sandy
1.60 Mary


r u sure? this is my neices’ homework we r dealing with, i/we cannot be wrong. . .and the teacher has ripped the answers pages from the the back of the book


heh, same as answer me, except i did this calculation in my head, and in less steps :stuck_out_tongue:


Tell your neice to say: “What’s the difference in height between Sandy and Mary? That’s what I say teach-what’s the f**kin difference? Oh!” Thank the Diceman for that one.


This is soooooo easy, did this in like…kindergarten :wink:

3.19 -/- 0.01 = 3.18
3.18 / 2 = 1.59
And then add 0.01 to the tallest


thanx people :stuck_out_tongue:


Well if this is what it takes to be a math genius… well than I simply must be the king of the world :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry, stupid sunday-morning-hangover-joke :stuck_out_tongue:


Some teachers can be soooooooo mean :o


What weighs more: a pound of feathers, water, or sand?


They would all weigh the same… 1pound

but density would play a role as to which you would rather have dropped from a tall building onto your head :iagree: :iagree: :stuck_out_tongue:













But at the same time, I doubt there would be much of a difference if it was dropped off a tall building.

The effects of the wind on the sand would push it everywhere, and it’d tend to breakup & just be annoying for hundreds of people when they suddenly get sand in their jocks & wonder why. Unless it was wet, then it would likely kill someone.

The water would likely disperse and again no-one would likely get very wet.

The feathers … who could guess where they’d land?