Match Point R2 Help!

Hi guys!
I have Match Point R2, I’m italian… :bow:
I use AnyDVD with regular license, and dvD Decrypter :slight_smile:

I can’t rip the file VTS_01_1.VOB, as you see in the picture…

dvD Decrypter tell me: “Failed to read Sector 207376 - No seek complete”

I have all files on hD, without VTS_01_1.VOB… :a

This is the first dvD that I can’t rip…Please help me! :bow:

I know this is the AnyDVD forum and we are all interested in getting AnyDVD to work with this DVD, but 2 things:

  1. Have you sent your IFOs to Slysoft for analysis?
  2. Have you tried RipIt4Me?


Thank you for your reply, blutach :flower:

  1. How I can send my IFO to Slysoft? I don’t know…
  2. I don’t know RipIt4Me, I’ll try to use it…:cool:


When I try to create .pls for dvD Decrypter, RipIt4Me crash…! :a

Make a bug report, here…

Try CloneDVD2 and, see if that helps.
I also noted that you have too many programs in the background running.
Close some of them down and try again.

I wrote to SlySoft…any other idea? :bow:

This link is not for Slysoft…
It is the RipIt4Me support forum…
Post a bug report there…

Try dvd fab decrypter. It is free and does some stuff when others fail too. I do think if you run clonedvd plus anydvd you might come out good at the end too.

Brubaum -

The preferred manner to send .IFO files to SlySoft is detailed in the below Forum posting. Sending .IFO files to SlySoft will allow them to closely look over the files and if necessary upgrade-improve AnyDVD.

As Macrovision3500 remarks you have way too many unnecessary background tasks running which can interfere with the functioning of AnyDVD-DVD Decrypter.


Did you set the path for DVD Decdrypter ?

I had problems ripping this (awful!) film with AnyDvd direct, so I used the “Rip Video-DVD to Harddisk” option and it decrypted from there without a problem. I’m using and Shrink 3.1.


done without problems with ripit4me v1.4.3.0…
btw anydvd ripper did the job as stated Num, perhaps or Brubaum reader needs a cleaning, or wrong setting both for anydvd soft and ripit4me, or too many soft installed and conflicting drivers?

however if slysoft needs ifo i can send them…


I was wondering if it’s region 2 you backed up? As this is where the problem is I do believe.

yes, it’s R2