Mastering Windows XP cd on linux

Hello all.

I’ve got a really really really annoying problem. I’m not able to master a Windows XP cd-image. More specifically the boot sector just won’t master correctly. I’ve done this like 1000 times in Windows, either using MS’s own tools or with Nero. I know the boot sector parameters (07c0 and 4) but in linux it just won’t happen.

Normally the boot just hangs. The most successful burn showed the text ‘press any key to boot from cd-rom’ but exited out on ‘could not load NTLDR’.

I’ve tried k3b, NeroLinux, mkisofs and other software too.

Please, has anyone done the mastering successfully?


C’mon, anyone?

Well, it’s not like your post is invisible (or that we are ignoring you) … I’m know others have seen it too… I just would not have the slightest idea as I have never used this feature… ever. Sorry I can’t be of any help :wink: