Mastered dvd NOT playing on Italian PCs

Hi any help most welcome
We have mastered (via glass master) a dvd-10 which plays fine on all systems in the uk (mac, PC, stand alone players) however it doesnt seem to play fully in italy on pc with power dvd, they also say it doesnt play on standalone players, yet it plays perfectly here - any one have any ideas… please!

Wrong region?

I think UK and Italy are both region 2.

Could you elaborate on

it doesnt seem to play fully

hi the dvd was authored in dvd studio pro (on a mac) and set up region free.

Apparently the opening sequence plays (credits etc) but when that ends and you get to the main index page its blank. Although as you mouse over the blank page the cursor changes to a hand showing that the links are there just not visible. If you click one of the invisible links the movies play fine.

We have set up a pc with windows xp pro and powerdvd 5 (as there system) and it works fine. its just when they (in italy) view it the problem occurs. ahhhhh we have 1,500 ready to ship which they wont take because they say its faulty.

have you done a quality scan for pie/pif errors of each side of the dvd-10?

would this mean that it could play here (uk) but not italy?

if your master had errors then marginal players and drives would have issues

we see the same thing with commercial pressed disks from major studios

you say the disks are region free, and using the same software you can not duplicate
the error, using the same hardware might be the issue

have them return the sample and check it