Mastered CD/DVD/BD Burning - default


Firstly, new here and apologies if I put this in wrong spot. Feel free to move it wherever you deem more appropriate. Also, I hope it’s ok to link to my blog on my domain, as it’s kind of a long post. If not I’ll just copy/paste if it others request it.

Ok, so seen this question (here I believe as well as other places) before and never ever seen an answer, and as of the last couple weeks I’ve been working on it. I finally found it. Sadly, there is no registry entry or fix outside of modifying a system file. But I managed and tests work out nicely. As for the modification, it’s actually only changing one to two instructions, but I’ll let you decide if it’s worth it to you, after reading my blog. Worth it to me in a lot of ways, but anyway, here is one working solution, and it includes a possible alternative solution:

Apologies for the length of it too. I tend to write a lot. Anyway, let me know if you find it useful (I know I would have, so that’s why I’m sharing it), hate it, whatever - I’m all ears as long as it’s constructive :slight_smile: