Can anyone tell me how to change master/slave setting for HD and CD/DVD on an Acer Travelmate 508? I can’t get to any settings that let me do that.


Why would you want to do this?

laptops usually have standalone masters(single drives) on primary and secondary.
a few new ones have raid options

I’m trying to change my CD drive to a DVD drive. When I put this in, the laptop doesn’t recognize the HD or DVD drive. One suggestion I was given was to check master/slave status.


jumper as master, what’s the exact drive?

Its a Quanta Storage SDR-081 and Acer Travelmate 508t.
Thanks for the help.
Where do I set the jumpers?


No jumpers on normal slimtype drives, it’s done in the firmware…

Can someone tell me how to make this laptop recognize the DVD drive (and the HD) please? How do I check/install firmware etc. and is this for the laptop or the DVD drive?


I would return it