Master & Slave

Ok I finally went and bought a SATA Hard Drive and in the bios it’s reported as 3rd Primary Master with My Liteon CDRW being 1st Primary Master.

This seems unusual as I’m used to the Hard Drive Being 1st Primary Master and CDRW being Secondary Master.

How should I have my Hard Drive and CDRW setup in the bios for best results?

Ok it shows that Primary Master is the CDRW and secondary master is the HDD in Nero Info Tool.

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I changed the CDRW over to the secondary Channel as master and My HDD is in SATA 1 but both are now listed as Secondary Masters???

SATA controllers are often handled strangely, in some sort of ATA emulation - in some cases, even appearing as slave, even though there is no master/slave in SATA.

As implented in some ways, the IDE has a Promary/Secondary pair on one controller, each with master/slave, while in compatibilty mode, SATA also tends to appear the same way.

If it works, don’t fight it, that’s the simplest way to deal with it!

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But I want my setup to be perfect.

I cant sleep at night knowing that Both are on Secondary Master.

I must have that SATA HDD on Primary Master and the CDRW on Secondary master

Depending on the motherboard you have, it could be the case that the first SATA device is actually the THIRD device in the BIOS. It shouldn’t make any difference atall to the operation of other drives or the system in general though.