Master/Slave Settings and Drive Replacement

I just received my ND-3500a and am currently running a dvd-rom (master) and cd-rw (slave) drives on the primary IDE.

Should I

A. Replace the DVD-ROM drive with my ND-3500


B. Install the writer in my extra front slot on it’s own ide (if I do this do i set the jumper to cable select??)

Any help would be appreciated greatly.


Unless you are running SATA or SCSI drives - your harddrives should be on primary and your optical drives on secondary ide channel-

I have the DVD-rom set as “Master” and the 3500 burner set as “Slave” - works just fine-

Using “Cable Select” is a crapshoot - works for some - not for others-

By keeping the DVD-rom in the loop - you save wear and tear on your 3500 - possibly get better ripping speed - and do not have to change discs alot-

Happy Burnin’


Ty mike for your quick response (im from san jose just fyi, noticed you were from SF). Yes I do have my HDD on SATA and have the 2 IDE slots on my mobo. I never considered just removing my CD-RW, but I guess I can since the 3500 burns regular cd’s too right?

Yo AR-15-

The great thing about the 3500 is that it burns CD’s at 48x (and I get that with my TDK Riteks from Costco)-

My 3500 burns the Taiyo Yuden 8x -R’s at 12x and the 8x +R’s at 16x - good vendor with great prices and guaranteed “A” media is for $.60 or less + reasonable shipping-

Happy Burnin’


BTW - I’m in Half Moon Bay (no one knows where that is so that is why I say SF Bay Area)