Master\Slave question

Hi ppl, I have a Hitachi GD2000 CD\DVD rom drive, and a Philips PCRW404 cd burner, and I wanted to know which drive should be master or slave, and how to see if they are independent drives or on the same ‘system’… Thaks:cool:

At best give both their own controller. This is hardly feasible of course if you have only 2 ide channels which on a reader , a writer and some disk(s) are installed.

Based on earlier postings it seems it doesn’t really matter wether you make them slave or master , it will not affect the performances of them

Based on really really earlier experiences i suggest to give the master option to the device you use the most.

General Rule of thumb is CDROM’s on one channel, HD’s on another.

I would put the CD drive you use the most as the master

If you are using SCSI HD’s and IDE CDRoms you might want to split up the CD’s to two different channels.

then I guess thers’ not much do to there,'cause the cd drives r on one ide chanel, and the ide HD is on the other (with a zip drive)…thanks