Master/slave configuration



Hi everybody, how would be the best configuration for ide 80 wire cable?
first channel: 1 hd (folders with files to burn) slave 2 hd (so) master
second channel: 1 dvd rom slave 2 dvd burner master

is this correct or is better to place master as slave and dvd rom as master?
here they seem to say it’s the same…

many thanks


Hey you have answered your own question then why are you wondering?.


because I am not an expert (I have posted in newbie forum), on the net you can read a loot of bullshit and I don’t know who ask to confirm, so if it’s the same, that’s ok, I can’t do wrong



Best to configure your burning ODD as ‘Master’ and your reader as ‘Slave’ -eh!


none of that works worth a darn, add an ide controller card for the hard drives and
leave the opticals on the mobo ide’s and everything standalone masters