Master/Slave config for DVD-ROM & new DVD burner



Hello all,
This q may have been asked a zillion times but I would appreciate any advice you guru’s can give.

Just bought a Pioneer DVR-108 to replace my wonky Aopen and this is my current config, both IDE channels using 80-pin cables :

Primary Master : HD (UDMA5)
Primary Slave : HD (UDMA5)
Sec Master : Lite-On 166s (UMDA2)
Sec Slave : Pioneer DVR-108 (UDMA4)

Haven’t got any DVD media to burn so can’t test out the burner yet - but have only just tested a CD-RW and it burnt fine. Any advice on optimising this config? Is it ok to slave the burner? Or should I set it as master? Or is my current config fine?

Thanks !


No reason why it shouldn’t work fine, but it’s strictly trial and error as every motherboard is different.


The only prob you might have is you cant make ‘on-the-fly’ copies of disks cos the 2 burners are on the same IDE bus. Apart from that, you sud b fine!



That shouldn’t be any problem either, I do it frequently that way.


My only question is why wouldn’t you want the DVD-Burner as the Secondary Master? If I had a reader and a burner I’d always put the DVD-Burner as Master and let the reader as slave. Let the drive that is biggest work-horse be on top of the bus first.


I haven’t found it to matter. I have a DVD burner installed on a modest 400 MHz Pentium II system and it can keep the buffer full at 8x (the full speed of the burner), and the burner is installed as slave. It might make more of a difference on other systems, but not on mine.


That was what I was thinking too - but my casing and 80-pin cable makes it more convenient for me to put the Litey on top, and the Pioneer at the bottom, and with the Litey on top it has room to “move” a little due to the nature of the 5" bays, whereas with the Pioneer I have a 2nd HD enclosure that can “lock” it in to make it more secure - I think this would be important for burns to have the drive not vibrating…so I went with this setup.

Thanks for all the replies guys! Will get some PRODISCR03 type media DVDs and do some test burns. Am using a old ASUS TUSL2C mobo with Intel 815P chipset.