Master or slave?

I just purchased a benQ 1655 and currently have a nec 3530a(currently master). My questions is does it make a difference which one is master(primary) and which is slave(secondary).

Not with these to drives. But if you have a UDMA4 drive I would put it as master. (Both your BenQ and Nec are UDMA 2) You might consider using the BenQ as Master for use with Qsuite as Qsuite looks for the first drive and if it is not the BenQ you have to find the BenQ in the drop down list in Qsuite. Another way is just to rename the BenQ as the first drive and that will also work. BenQ D: Nec E: drive in Computer Management. Just avoids a hassle. Hope this helps.:slight_smile:

Crossg thanks for the help it is most appreciated