Master or Slave?

Which IDE channel should i put the BenQ 1640?

Primary Master
Primary Slave
Secondary Slave

It all depends on your setup. I have mine on my secondary channel as slave to my LG 4163.

Hi :slight_smile:
It doesn’t really matter most 1640’s are set to slave as default. Although master is often a users preference. Take a look here.

Always put the faster device as master. If you have a UDMA-2 burner and a UDMA-4 burner, set the UDMA-4 as master. If they’re both the same, it doesn’t matter.

My setup is like this

Primary Master = Sony 720A DMA 4
Primary Slave = Matshita DVD-RAM 9573S DMA 4
Secondary Master = Plextor 716A DMA 4
Secondary Slave = BenQ 1640 DMA 2

It seems OK to me. Do you have any problem with this configuration?

My setup:
Primary Master = WD Raptor WD740GD
Secondary Master = BenQ DW1640
Secondary Slave = BenQ DW1640
RAID 0 Array #1 = 2 x WD1200JB
RAID 0 Array #2 = 2 x WD1200JB

I get great burns on both BenQ drives.