Master 160GB PATA HD For $39.99



Fry’s Electronics & have Master PATA 160GB Hard drive on sale today Friday April 6, for $39.99 with no MIR. This is a tremendous by for 160GB HD.



Judging from your composition - y’all must also work for Fry’s-eh!



Since the OP didn’t - heres the link:

Note the [B]Free Shipping[/B] - making it an even better deal-eh!


I am a salesman @ Fray’s Electronics if that make you happy. When you post these sales which you are busy to do all the time no body question your motive.


WTF is a Master? Chattel Slavery was abolished awhile back you know.

Are you talking about Maxtor?


TCAS does Fray’s mean Fry’s? Also what’s a Master brand? Maxtor?

bigmike used to get questioned about working for :slight_smile: but he’s also questioned on a lot of other things :rolleyes: :bigsmile:


its crazy how cheap hdds are now, I have the OEM sata version of this drive and it was $80 a little over a year ago. its a good drive too, sustained transfer rate is ~55mb, its fairly quiet, and it hasn’t given me any trouble (knock on wood)


Edit: Thanks rolling


Fry’s also has this 250 gig H/D with free shipping too.


You are right they have Seagate 250GB PATA or Seagate 160GB SATA each for $49.99 on today’s ads.


Too bad I did not get a chance to buy one. :smiley: