Massive spikes

I have read that massive spikes can often be ignored but the following scan made me wonder - does the fact that the spike is at the “beginning” also mean that it is at the beginning of the movie that I backed up ? it seems that most problems occur as the disk speeds up towards the outside of a disk and towards the end of a movie

Apart from the one off 656 and 19 the burn looks good. It plays ok.
A 12 X verbatim - unusual. I burned again at 8X and got 97%

I would be concerned. If it were my burner I would check the discs burned on some other burner and I would also scan these discs on another burner to see if the problem is the scanning. I would go to Kprobe and a Liteon.

Thanks chas0039. I have tested the disk on another BenQ1620 on another machine - just the same. I have burned another disk with no problems. I don’t think the problem is with the BenQ… each burn shows errors but apart from this disk -nothing unusual - some errors are at the beginning and others at the end. There are less in the middle as you would expect.