Massive savings @ shop4tech

Don’t know if anyone here as used google checkout but there’s a really sick savings right now with google checkout at many merchants like, etc. I saw this morning shop4tech also has this promo. It’s $10 off a purchase of $30 or more. What makes this really appealing is that you can use the instant $10 off more then one time. I bought a casio thermal printer and blank 16x thermal dvd-r and saved almost $90 on $300 in total orders. Pretty sick even for just one order. I’ll probably order some double layer discs for myself and lightscribe discs for my bro for the Holidays. This appears to be good until the end of October. Anyone interested in some media purchases, be pretty tough to pass this one up. It’s one of the best deals i’ve personally ever seen.

Here’s the link:

check around before buying from shop4tech I find that on most items I can get them for less even after taking off the 10% and there free shipping. Also used to purchase DVDs from them until I got more than one order that had to many bad dvds in them even with there TY dvds.

Thanks for the tip. $10 off is not bad and I have been looking for a reason to get that new laser refill. With the ability to re-use I can stock up on Verbatim +RW at $22 delivered. Nice deal.

Ohhh I can get 100 Optodisc OPTODISCR16 for $24 shipped.

These burn super on my LG and Samsung at 16x

can you stack the current coupon?

the coupon is stackable
it is entered at the google checkout prior to finalizing order

I tried this twice, and it did NOT work. Still a good deal, though. I picked up 100 of the OPTODISCR16 for $24 shipped.

NICE!!! Just scored a 20 pack of double layer Verbatims for $29.42 shipped using the checkout and current discount code. I know that there have been specials that are a little bit better on these but they have been in short supply as of late and less than $1.50 a disc up front (no Mail in rebates to deal with) isn’t a bad deal regaurdless.

it works
jester used it too
look here is part of my receipt
Thanks for making a purchase with Google Checkout! Inc. will process your order shortly.

Order Details - Oct 19, 2006 9:26:27 AM CDT - Order #7xxxxxxxxxxxx

Qty Item Price
100 CDDVD Labels Glossy (Sold by per labels) Bulk $23.00
100 CDDVD Label 22mm Inner Matte (sold by per label) Bulk $11.00
Your coupon HW10 has been sucessfully processed and $3.40 will be applied to your order. -$3.40
Shipping & Handling (UPS Ground) : $0.00
Tax (TX) : $0.00
1 Google Checkout Bonus - $10 off orders over $30 from this store. (Bonus may not appear on store’s web site or emails.) -$10.00
Total: $20.60

possibly you could initiate a new post just on this item as many people are interested in this product for about this priced

I got this deal & I was able to get the additional 10% off. Nice thing is the 10% comes off the original price.

Order Details - Oct 20, 2006 2:47:08 AM EDT - Order #105889222852797   
 Qty   Item   Price  
  100  DVDR 8X White Inkjet Printable (Valueline)  $34.00  
Your coupon hw10 has been sucessfully processed and $3.40 will be applied to your order.  -$3.40  
 Shipping & Handling (UPS Ground) :  $0.00  
Tax (NJ) :  $0.00  
  1  Google Checkout Bonus  -  $10 off orders over $30 from this store. (Bonus may not appear on store's web site or emails.)  -$10.00  
Total:  $20.60

200 of the TY 8X Valueline for $40.40 shipped.

This external enclosure is a very nice one, you have to add a battery or photo paper to put it over $30 to get the discount.

Yeah, I think I will. I saw this post a few days ago but didn’t think much of it until I ran out of D/L media and then I got to thinking, did some digging and ended up saving a fair bit over the average cost of D/L Verbatim (around $2 a disc after shipping).

verb DL at $1.50 OTD no rebates no tax
that’ssssssssss greattt

Just got this same deal, thanks for the post.

No problem. Yeah at just under $1.50 a disc it is the best deal that I have seen in the US for several weeks on D/L Verbatim.

I think that by asking if it was stackable, he was referring to the HW10 applying to EACH of the multiple items. $10 off each.

it 10 off 30
buy in seperate lots of $30 to get max discount
ie must buy as seperate $30 orders

Anyone else getting refused when they try to take the add’l 10% off on top of the 10 off 30? They even sent me an email saying that you could do this…

try a different code, DL10 worked for me, GG10, GC10 are other possibilities.