Massive Nero problems

Having massive problems with Nero 6 - using multiple recorders. Nero 6 won’t burn to several recorders which are controlled via a promise IDE controller card (Easy Cd 6 has no such problems).

Nero sent me a fix - which didn’t work. So I unistalled Nero 6 and reinstalled nero 5.5 (which used to have no problems).

Now Nero 5.5 won’t work - problem is “SM BUS controller” can’t be found - so windows can see all my drives, but can’t access them!

The only way I’ve found to get the SM Bus controller back, is to use system restore - but that means being stuck with Nero 6 - which doesn’t work properly. There doesn’t seem to be any way of going back to good old reliable Nero 5.5!

So the issues go from worse to worse. Probably means a reformat.

Ahead should have done a lot more testing before releasing nero 6 - far too many problems.