Massive Exceptions inside NeroBurn-Function

Hi there,

I have the problem that it seems that inside the NeroBurn function from NeroAPI there are a massive amount of exceptions thrown.

After recognizing this I tested the “NeroFiddles” demo-application and it does the same.

So, my problem is that these exceptions most likely “damage” some part of the runtime environment our software is using and therefore result in Windows wanting to send some stuff to Redmond.

Having this annoying message showing over and over again after burning - successfully!!! - a medium and leaving the software the user(s) think there is a error and the CD or DvD is corrupted!

Attached you will find a “debug”-protocol showing the massive occurance of the exceptions.

kind regards,
Bernd Kohnen

sorry…attachment was missing somehow.

debug_nerofiddles.txt (47.8 KB)