Massive errors in Copy Protected CD's



Hi. I just posted this at the plextor forum, but you might wanna see this too.

I just got a new Plextor Premium and played around with Digital Audio Extraction on a Copy Protection CD. Massive Attack 100th Window shows massive errors. What the H…! :a

Premium have a Q-check feature that measure the C!, C2 and CU errors and slam me silly if something isn’t totally messed up:


Yes, this is from the orginal CD! Did I pay for this crap? Yes. Am I a stupid consumer. Apparently yes. Should we accept this? Absolutely no! While the Premium extract the tracks super fast (with all their intended errors) this is just beyond silly. :Z


CDS200 (and other versions) uses intentionally inserted C2 errors. It is like buying a cd which is already scratched…:frowning: