Massive Blu-ray changers coming soon

I just posted the article Massive Blu-ray changers coming soon.

Staggering monuments to physical media, Sony’s two latest Blu-ray Mega Changers hold 200 and 400 discs at a time.

The exact release dates aren’t known, but Sony Insider reports that these changers…

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After reading the title I was under impression that Sony about to change BD format again :slight_smile:

Imagine the size of that dinausor with the help of a little infringement (30M$ worth of lawsuit)! 1/20 the size of that. Oversized-mecanical-power-hungry is obsolete. And, and, and if it becomes deffective (or BD hungry ), 200 discs times 30+$… 6000 worth of BDs going bye bye.

Give us your money! We want it all! All,AllCoinsSpared.

I had some trouble renewing my WinDVD licence (AACS) lately, all these 24/7 hotlines packed with not so competent techs must cost a pretty penny. Took me 2,5 weeks… Felt like I was hijacked in my own home (theater) with 27 useless BDs. They sure don’t advertize the 18 months lifespan of a licence on the BD cover so you the trouble you buy! I feel like suing, who’s with me? Come on that’s no fun!

Give us us free (Joseph Cinque)

A massive Blu-ray changer was reported yesterday in San Francisco. At first, the Navy tried to stop it by firing 16-inch shells at it. Then the Army tried with 105mm howitzers. Nothing worked!
It was finally subdued by a massive wave of indifference, apathy and boredom from the public.