Mass Ripping CD's. Changer? Robotics?


I’m trying to figure out how to completely automate CD ripping. There are commercial services that will rip your CD collection for about $1.10 per CD. I want to create similar side business in my town, but I’m having a hard time figuring out how to automate the process.

I’m open to any and all suggestions regarding CD changers, autoloaders, robotics, etc. I’m sure there has to be a device similar to the CD Duplicators that could be used to move disks to and from a CDROM for ripping. There are already a lot of ripping applications available that will automatically begin ripping/encoding when a CD is inserted, and they will eject the CD when ripping completes. I just need some kind of robotic/changing device to move the disks.

I’m also open to suggestions regarding this business idea. Do you think it would work? Is it a stupid idea? Too much labor, too little reward?



There are commercial services that will rip your CD collection for about $1.10 per CD.
Under cutting them per CD equals a fair amount of work for to make a buck, but I’ve never been one to knock initiative, good on you. Any kind of Robotic and job specific device wont be cheap. Local Video store just bought a $15,000 AU DVD Scanning, Cleaning and resin repair machine. Thats alot of Videos.

As the iPods and similar devices become more popular, there seems to be real demand for this service. I actually don’t plan on undercutting the big services, I would match price, or even upcharge a little. Benefit being that they don’t have to ship their CD’s to timbucktu, I plan to pick up and deliver within a limited geographic area. I also plan to sell and install media streaming devices like the hauppauge mvp.

As for a CD autoloader, there are a ton of autoloaders on the market for CD Duplicating, and the prices are actually fairly reasonable. I just want to find one that can be programmed to take cues from the os disk insert event, and change the CD when the disk eject signal was sent from the os.

By the way, I don’t intend on doing a booming business. Just a little side income as my wife has decided to stay at home with the kids. She would actually do a lot of the work.