Mass Recode

So my brother has given me a bunch of our family videos that are avi’s on CD’s. I have all of his avi’s on my hard-drive. Currently my method to get these on to dvd by recoding them with AVI2DVD. I tried Nero’s recode but the audio would be out of sync for some of them. AVI2DVD works great for individual avi’s. You can combine them to one file so the DVD plays cohesively with no noticeable break. It also saves them to an .iso so you can burn them quite easily.

A few gripes about AVI2DVD:

1)It can’t handle dashes “-” that includes anywhere in the directory structure. So C:\christmas05\christmas05a.avi works but C:\christmas-05\christmas-05a.avi does not work. All of the avi’s have been given previous names with dashes and are in directories of which most have dashes.

  1. in order to get the program to combine the 2 cd sized avi’s to one DVD the files must be renamed. so from my previous example christmas-05a.avi and christmas-05b.avi must be renamed christmas05 CD1.avi and christmas05 CD2.avi, they also must be moved out of any directory that contains “special characters”

  2. this is not a gripe about avi2dvd but about encoding in general. In order to do a 2 pass encode it takes my machine about 3 - 4 hours.

To my question:

Is there a program out there where I could set up a batch recode without have to move and rename all of the avi’s? It would be nice if I could batch a bunch of recodes and just let it go for a few nights to get all of them recoded. I have about 140 avi’s!

Please help,
JOe K.

You could try to join the files with AVIMUX GUI

and then use DVD Flick to encode them and burn with Imgburn.

FAVC allows multiple instances to run at the same time. IIRC you’d have to use QuEnc to allow multiple encodes though. (PS it might be HCEnc, but I read somewhere one of the supplied encoders can’t run multiples).