Mass printing DVD sticker labels


I have a friend who print a lot of different types of CD labels onto CD label sticker paper. He has the labels as jpeg images. The label paper he’s printing on has 6 labels per page. He’s currently using some CD label maker software that lets him print 6 at a time, but offers no flexibility above that.

The problem is that he has to print in batches that are multiples of 10. As a result, you would often waste either 2 or 4 labels. (For example, if you print 10, you’ll need 2 pages and waste 2 labels. If you print 20, you’ll need 4 pages, and waste 4 labels, etc) He wants to find some software that can start letting him print the next batch on the otherwise wasted labels. So for example, when you’re printing the 2nd page of a batch of 10, you can print different labels on the last two spots.

Does anyone know software that can do this?

On a related note, could anyone give me some recommendations of DVD label printing software that has high volume production in mind? All the software I’ve found on Google is meant for users who only want to design and print a small number of labels.

You’re not going to find many, if anyone, here that will recommend putting sticky labels on CDRs or DVDs. Thus there’s not much info about related software or procedures here either.

That said, it sounds like a simple mailing label sort of a configuration. If so, simply turning the partly used page upside down and printing that number of labels will use the leftovers.

I really shudder to think of someone putting mailing labels on discs. :eek: