Mass duping CD R-W disks with open sessions?

I need to burn a bunch of CD R/W disks (Verbatim 95159 thanks to you guys). The problem is that the disks need to be duped with open sessions.

I have no problem copying these disks on a PC, but my R-Quest TCP-7400-D8 CD/DVD duplicator/printer gags on the CD R/W master complaining about a corrupt TOC.

One of my vendors thinks they can do it, as long as the sessions are closed.
The files on the disk are UNIX format, and when I close them on a PC, the filenames change and no longer work.

Anyone out there have experience doing quantity duplication of CD R/W media?

By the way, someone asked why you would want to PRINT on a CD R/W disk. Well, this disk is to be used to do routine backups on our product, and overwriting the backups is normal practice. The disk will ALWAYS have the same function, so printing a label on it is necessary.


:slight_smile: I found my own answer to this problem, and manufacturing works also.

You have to burn your original MASTER as OPEN SESSION, to a CD-ROM disk, NOT a CD-RW disk. You can copy the disk to a hard drive image, BUT NOT TO AN ISO FILE! I found that Sonic Record Now will make a .GI file, that can replicate an open session disk.

So that takes care of the MASTER. I can now send that disk to manufacturing and they can use it to duplicate the CD-R/W disks.