Mass copying

Just a question here. you guys know how they mass produced cd’s and not blank cd’s, stuff like music cd’s and software on them?

tip: its not with a array of burners either.
actually kinda neat how they do it. never knew how till the other day.

Moving to the Living Room…

Take one master copy … and 1000 burners with automatic add/removal mechanisms.

Much like a chinese pirate-copy organisation … except that the chinese pirate mob have better morals.

Kipper Alert! :stuck_out_tongue:

Duh everybody knows it’s #1. Made by wizards. In tibet.

:disagree: Not in Tibet, but in south pole

by pinguïns then? Or Discimos?

LOL :bigsmile:

well dang it i thought santa and the Umphas did it!!

Tools of the Discimos or Umphas: