Mass converisons to DVD

Hello, I’m not sure if this is the right spot to post, ifnot sry and please move!!

Hello, I have a few .avi movies that I want to convert to DVD (.vob) Do you guys know of a software that you put a list of .avi and it converts it. If you do know of any please list here!!.. I’m really looking for a stable, clean, and accurate remaining time timer.

in simple terms. convert one .avi to dvd one after the other without me having to do anything!!!

thanks and happy new year


Perhaps mplayer. I’m not sure, because I’m only now starting to use it as anything other than a player, but I believe with the correct commands (read the man page) it will transcode avi to vob/mpeg (mpeg is readable by any standalone dvd player).


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Yes Fallingwater is correct mplayer will do a Batch conversion from AVI to Vob file and then you can burn a DVD that is playable on any DVD player You will need to be running Linux and this is a Automated BASH-script for PAL if you want your DVD to play on a NTSC set you need to change the code at STEP 1 from PAL to NTSC you can find the full BASH code at Linuxquestions and another BASH codeHere hope this helps