Mass CD File Migration


I’ve got a very large collection of wave files that span over several thousand cd-r’s. I would like to migrate these files off of the cd-rs and just keep the data files. I don’t need to “rip” audio, just migrate files.

Currently on my computer I only have two cd drives from which to pull the files from. I would like to be able to speed this process up.

Does anyone make a system that will allow me to pull files from multiple (5 - 10) cd-r’s at once?

Thanks for any help that you can provide.

Hi and welcome to the forums!

If your PC has USB, you can attach several external CD drives. You can even install a USB card to add more USB ports.

However, I think your biggest problem will be that you overload your hard drive. It can only write data so fast, no matter how many drives you are reading from. Actually, do several copies to your drive at once might be slower in the long run. This is because the hard drive heads will be moving all over the place to find empty space for each file it is trying to write.