Masnick: Music tax would be a mistake



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As the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) tries to reduce the number of file sharers on college campuses, the possible use of a music tax has been one idea tossed around. In the…

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Just say no, kids…


Both the RIAA and Directv have sued people whom they knew were innocent. When an innocent person is sued it means that false information was provided the court.
While the person sued tries to report this false information given to the court, the court does nothing. Reporting to the Justice department as well goes no where. As a consequence, law enforcement has to be sent the message that there is no one above the laws. The next time you are a Juror or a witness, do just what Justice does in these cases, Ignore Justice. Jury nullification is a great way to give back just what Justice did to the innocent person who was sued.