Masking your digital tracks with the Noiszy plug-in


In this “new” digital world we live in, tracking users has become big business and more and more sites are participating in this to provide targeted ads and information. In some ways this can be helpful, but it is disturbing on other levels, since someone else is trying to determine what you see, without you being completely aware of their actions. Watching people to determine their interests is also being done by governments, and in the US, ISP’s have gained the right to watch your browsing habits, and it is difficult to hide from the entity providing access to the web.

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Wow, that sounds pretty cool! I just installed Noiszy a few minuets ago. Anything that makes me harder to spy on is desirable in my book.


Like to try it when it comes out wished they had one for IE and Edge as well. But I also have my hosts edit up as well to block tracking cookie sites.